3D Art Illusions by Julian Beever

Check this out! Pavement 3D art illusions by Julian Beever. He draw the arts on pavement and it looks like real things. Really fantastic. I don’t know how long it will takes to make one 3D art like this one.


batman spiderman

If you want to see more 3D art from him, you can visit his site at http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/index.html

via eRemaja [Virtual 3D Street Art] [tags]3d illusion, 3d art, pavement drawing[/tags]


  1. koq banyak iklannya yah\:d/

  2. yup. banyak art yang die buat kat tengah jalan. nampak macam real jek.

  3. wakaka….bile la aku boleh pandai buat graphic camtu… 😛

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  6. [-(

  7. Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!

  8. fool’s paradise,

  9. Really good set of Illusions. Very Interesting post. Happy Gandhi Jayanti 2014