Wireless Connection with D-Link USB Wireless Adapter

20060812 01Yay… I have bought wireless adapter. I bought it when I went to PC Fair in JB last week. It cost about RM105. At first, I just want to buy the cheapest adopter that I can get there, but the seller told me that D-Link have more qualities than the other brands.

I put the adapter on my table as you can see at the image. The best thing with this USB wireless adapter is, it comes with craddle. So I can stand it up which mean I can get more signal strength. Below is the Network Connection Status pic that I catched yesterday.


If you want to know more about this product, you can visit DWL-G122 > High Speed 2.4GHz (802.11g) Wireless USB Adapter. [tags]wireless adaptor, wireless, network, d-link[/tags]


  1. huhuk… oik.. wat per.. apo citer skang nie ? 😀

  2. susah2 je pegi pc fair…kat taman U boleh dapat rm100 ..takya bazir mase pegi sane…tapi,kalo pegi,syok gak..leh usya2 awek… :d erm..D link mmg femes sebab brand dia…tapi,bukan brand lain tak power..studio aku pakai wireless…n bebudak nie lebih prefer artnet ngan aztech…sebab murah…(rm70-) receiver paling kuat,artnet..D link kalah :d …aritu,senior aku pomot Dlink…tapi,pas demo yang aku buat kat pc member aku,terus bebudak serbu artnet sampai abis stok kat tmn U tu…hahaha..nway…aku suke gak Dlink tu sbab ade stand dia..cam smart plak.. :d

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    baik2 je bos. he3.

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    ler…tak bagitahu aku awal2. hu3. tapi mule2 tu aku memang ingat nak amik aztech nyer, tapi bile tengok d-link ni, cam smart r plak kan. siap ada craddle die. segera aku angguk tanda setuju nak beli. hek3.