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Digg in Malaysia?

Now Malaysian internet surfers can digg interesting local news to Digg Malaysia. It is exactly really the same with where you can submit articles and voted by the community. 🙂 I appreciate what they did, but the poor is, when will Malaysia release something that are different than others. It is ok if use […]

A must have 10 WordPress plugins for your website

These are 10 WordPress plugins that are useful for your website. If you not yet have them, I really suggest you to download and activate these plugins. 😉 Google Sitemaps This generator will create a Google compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. website | download Feedburner Feed Replacement Forwards all feed traffic to Feedburner while […]

Malaysia – Happy Independence Day

Today 31st August, all Malaysians are celebrating Malaysia’s 49th Independence Day. And since I in UTM, I never miss to celebrate merdekabecause each year, the university will held ceremony for it. Actually I just back from celebrating merdeka at Padang Kawad UTM. After watched the fireworks, we sang patriotics songs. Then because I am too […]

Yahoo! – Easter Egg

Ever wonder Yahoo! also has it’s own easter egg? Go to Yahoo! and click at the ! on the logo. But make sure you turn on your speaker and tell me what did you hear? :d Yahoo! Easter Egg [] [tags]yahoo, easter egg[/tags]

Earn more money from Text Link Ads

After about 3 months I sign up for Text Link Ads, I have made about $76 from it. It is not much comparing to other sites but at least I have make some money from my site. I have sign up to 4 site revenues, Text Link Ads, Google AdSense, AdBrite and Chitika eMinimalls. From these […]

Site Poll Result: What Internet browser you are using?

Here is the result from the poll: [tags]internet browser, site poll, web browser[/tags] From the graph we can see that many of my site visitors using Firefox as their primary Internet browser. As my self, I also use Firefox because it is much better than other browsers. Besides, I have familiar with it. 🙂 I […]

Convert your Site to DNA Art

Ever wonder your website also have it own DNA? WEB2DNA will take you website, analyze it, crunch it to little bits and spit it out as a graphic representation of a human DNA. Baekdal create a cool tool which you can use it to convert your site into DNA traits. The above picture is my […]

EditPlus – Source code editor for website programmers

Notepad is a software that comes with Windows. If you install Windows, Notepad will automatically install in your computer. With Notepad, you can write or open any files that you want. Some of the files are readable and some are not. Before this, I only use Notepad or sometimes Wordpad to write or edit my […]

Check your sitescore at Silktide

Silktide offer free service which you can use to check what is your sitescore. After you type in your site address, Silktide will check and give informations about your site. The score is divided into 5 parts, marketing, design, accessbility, experience and visitor rating. You can read the explanation for each parts at their site. […]

My article is on Ezine Articles

Few days ago I submited my article about “How to Advertise Your Blog ” to Ezine Articles. But today I received an email form Ezine Article saying this: Hello Fauzi, Your article, “How to Advertise Your Blog” – has been accepted and added to the directory: You’ve also earned Expert Author status: […]