Cute Hello Kitty MP3 Player


Girls… This is a cute toy for you! :p I’m just kidding. This is not a toy but it is a mp3 player from Sanrio. This cute Hello Kitty can play .mp3 and .wma files. With only 56mm x 35mm x 20mm in size and 26g weight, you can control the player by pushing the legs and arms. And this product only available in Korea.

helloKitty3 helloKitty4


  1. Different for you mate 😛 😮

  2. very cute kitty!

  3. omg so kawaii.. i want one..!! :((

  4. humang ai cute nyer :d

  5. uih… cute gile mp3 player…. bagi awek aku pun ok gak ni.. tapi mesti mahalkan:-?

  6. nak satu 😡

  7. kawaiiii~ \:d/

  8. Should appeal to the young teenage girls and old girls who refuse to grow up. 😉

  9. Thanks for your comments. :d

  10. wakakaka….biler ngko nak blanje aku…aku nyer site dah kena approve kat Text-Ads-Link…ngko confirm dapat $25 kan…
    blanje ar aku…send kat aku $5 pun bleh gak [-(

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  12. so cute!!!

  13. very nice mp3 player.. but more suitable for ladies..

  14. how much is for the mp3 player and the hello kitty usb?

  15. Sorry eulina. I don't know how much is the price.

  16. wonderfullllll cool thing