CypherHackz.Net rest for awhile

Actually I want to announce about this before I back to UTM but my site was down so I can’t publish this post before I leave.

I am now in UTM and this post was published from CICT. I have to back to UTM cause I will going for 10 days camp in Muar, Johor. The camp will start on this 21st June and will end on 30th June. For 10 days I can’t update my site and thats mean CypherHackz.Net will have his rest for awhile.

Anyway, CypherHackz.Net will continue his routine after I back from the camp.. So please come back after 30th June. Or you can get free updates by subscribe to my site feed or by email subscription. You can also use the subscription form at the top of the sidebar.

Hope I will see you all on this 1st July 2006. Bye! 😉


  1. After rest in peace, don’t forget to update again the hacks stories of yours :d

  2. happy holiday:d

  3. oik tembam.. mana pi.. lama tak nampak ?? ko dah kawin ke ?? hueheuahurhuah!! :))

  4. Cya mate got you on RSS now so I can keep tabs on u 😛 have fun \:d/

    – Tom |

  5. Hey guys! Just drop by just to reply comments on my site. Currently I’m busy with my college so don’t have time to update my site yet. Well, I will update when I have time. And thanks for your all comments. 😉

  6. selamat bercuti

  7. CypherHackz,

    I’m also UTM student.. 🙂 What course that you take?

    I at Tmn U now (rumah sewa).. If have a time, we can meet at restoran mamak –> Safiah! :)>-

  8. [Comment ID #12339 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He3. Thanks.

    [Comment ID #12730 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I am Computer Engineering (SEC) student. How about you?
    You live outside? Why not live in campus?

  9. Dah abis belajar dah… 🙂

    My job now: Full Time Internet Entrepreneur

  10. minggu depan aku exam.. Arrgh!! mcm tak caya rasanya.. gegeeg!