New Firefox Mascot? A GIRL?

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Tiago said in one of his posts, Mozilla just finished the deal with a top model to promote their popular web browser product, Firefox. The model name is Alexandra Ansgar a blond Scandinavian girl. The hot chick pic as you see above. Wearing sexy Firefox shirt with her sexy style. What do you think? Hot like FIREfox? :d

At first when I read the first paragraph, I believed Alexandra Ansgar is the new Firefox mascot. But after I finished read his post, I saw a link to another post.

After read the post, what I can say is the image above is just a HOAX. Again I said, it is a HOAX. :p

…I made up a name for the girl and decided to call her Alexandra Ansgar, also had to give her a nationality and picked up Scandinavian. With this in mind, I wrote the good news and published them…

Actually it is just a picture that he found on the internet and want to share with his site visitors.

…I can�t be selfish, need to share this with someone� wouldn�t it be cool to write about this on Gadgetizer?

You can read his post here: New Firefox Mascot – Alexandra Ansgar. And don’t forget to read this too: Firefox Mascot Hoax – Alexandra Ansgar :d [tags]firefox, firefox mascot, mascot[/tags]


  1. That’ll sure get the attention of those who haven’t tried Firefox. She’s beautiful.

  2. di mana-mana pun, wanita dijadikan ALAT untuk menarik perhatian, melakukan SEMUA MAJALAH di pasaran..


    aku tetiba rasa tak suka pada mozilla..

    dah la.. nak beralih pada OPERA..

    tata mozilla firefox ~

  3. good con man….I like this type of posts. First they get u hot, then they pour cold water on you

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    Yea lol… :d

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    Erks? Ok… 🙁

    [Comment ID #12028 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ha3. That’s what I want to do.

  5. pandainye pasang strategi… 8-|

  6. da girl for firefox… hehehe… :)>-

  7. lol. bimbotic hotness. if it weren’t a hoax, firefox WOULD propel her to fame!

  8. holy crap.. she’s still hot anyway!

  9. \:d/ me like her 😡

  10. He3. But she is really beautiful. Isn’t it? 😡

  11. This is yet another reason to use Firefox 😡
    So now more people will be converting to Firefox. 😕

  12. Kenapa asyik nak memperalatkan kaum wanita? Marah nih!!!

  13. [Comment ID #12063 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He3. I think so. :d

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    I have no comments. :d

  14. huuhhu… seksi gile moskot..takleh tahan siot=p~

  15. [Comment ID #12734 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hak3. :))

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