31 USB devices on 1 USB MegaHub

You have many USB devices that you want to plug on to your computer. But your computer only have 4 USB ports. And all of them been used by your keyboard, mouse, usb pendrive and your printer.

But you want to transfer pictures from your digital camera, you need USB port. You want to use microphone to have a live chat with your Yahoo! Messenger buddies, you need USB port. You want to use webcam, you need USB port. All of them need extra USB ports.

How about if you have 1 USB hub with 31 USB ports ready to use? I am sure you will not have any problems with your USB ports anymore. 😉

Megausbhub_01 Megausbhub_02 Megausbhub_03 Megausbhub_04

But how much power does it need to supply this USB hub? :-w

More Info: 31 ports USB Hub [tags]usb, usb port, usb hub, usb device[/tags]


  1. 31 ports arr…got so many item meh?

    wireless usb
    pocket pc
    erm erm…no more liow……and impossible if you were to use all together lor…somemore you will need a external power supply to give that much power

  2. lol, crazy

  3. over kill lar .. bro.. :))

  4. 4 ports already enough for me. I don’t use so many devices. Just pen drive, printer and mouse. Keyboard I use PS2.