Worm for Yahoo Mail users

Beware for all Yahoo mail users. Don’t open email that came from av3@yahoo.com address with subject “New Graphic Site“. A new worm targetting Yahoo Web based email has been spotted in the wild. The worm targets address with the yahoo.com and yahoogroups.com.

This worm arrives as a message containing Javascript. When the user open the email, the worm will spread to other users in Yahoo address book.

Cypher says: Thats why I use Gmail as my primary email. 😉

Yahoo Mail Worm Harvesting Addresses [TechWeb] [tags]worm, internet worm, yahoo[/tags]


  1. You never know if one day your Gmail will get attacked as well, though I’m using Gmail as my primary email. :d

  2. I hope no one can create worms or viruses that will attack gmail.com domain. He3. :)>-