WorldCup 2006 Scoreboard on your Desktop

Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard also known as Microsoft Football Scoreboard is a small program which will display real-time WorldCup 2006 tournament results directly on your Windows desktop. This free program with only 3.5Mb download in size allow you to access all latest tournament news just in one click. Not just display tournaments schedule, Microsoft Soccer Board also can act as news aggregator read RSS feed from sport sites that you subscribed.

This program only run on WindowsXP platform (Home or Professional Edition). And your computer must at least have 500Mhz and with 30Mb of free space. And of course must have connection to the Internet.

Although your computer can support this program, but Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard only available running on genuine Microsoft Windows. Before you can start your download, Microsoft will check whether your Windows is legit or not. If your Windows is not legit, don’t ever think that you can download and use this program. :p

I personally wouldn’t download this program because I am not big fan of WorldCup. And I don’t want wasting my money just want to online 24/7. Because your computer must stay connect to the Internet if you want to get latest update every seconds. 😉

More Info: Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard
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  1. may be useful..thanks :d

  2. Only for WorldCup die hard fan I think. 😉