New AdSense format on my site

AdsenseI just found new adsense format on my site today. Maybe some of you have seen it on somewhere else or maybe on your site, but this is the first time it happen to my site and I saw it by myself.

The ads combine with adblock and adlink. I think I have seen this in Problogger.Net. Darren has posted the samething like this on his site if I’m not mistaken.

I’m just wonder when will Google make inline text ads… [tags]adsense, google, google adsense, internet[/tags]


  1. Your site appears to be just ads, there is barely anything else here..

    90% ads 10% content?

    Remember content is king, too many ads just drive regular readers away.

  2. I testing the channels. That’s why you see so many ads here. I will remove some of them in this week.

  3. Wow, it’s sure a great thing if google come up with inline text ads(standing on the publisher side). I know there will be many readers opposing to it but well.. 8-|

  4. Days ago google sent me an email to answer questionaire about their service on adsense. In the suggestion box, I suggest them to make inline text ads. Hope they will agree with my suggestion.

  5. This ain’t new, i have been seeing this since a year.

    This is a new adformat its still under beta

  6. Yea I know that. I’ve seen the ads in some other sites.

  7. too many adsense oriented and too may gurus these days…. **sigh**

  8. Adsense is a well known and most popular website revenue. Thats why there are many adsense experts. 🙂