How to update your WindowsXP with Automatic Updates is turned off

How you can get latest updates from Windows if you turn Automatic Updates off? Well, there is a website that offer download for those who don’t want to download from Windows.

Go to this site: and choose which updates that you want to download. After the download finished, restart your computer. 🙂 [tags]windows, microsoft, softwaree[/tags]


  1. Well I really wouldn’t trust a non Microsoft vendor to patch my Windows.

    Already these are vulnerability patches, and If i try and patches from an unknown source, God knows how many more patches I will have to apply more, so its better to stay away rather than lose my sleep .:-w

  2. If your computer act something wierd, just reformat your comp then. :d

    But anyway, I also wouldn’t download patches from sites other than Microsoft.

  3. Aku pakai site ni

    Die soh install firefox plugin then bole start to scan all the available updates pastu download je sume 😛

  4. Can we choose to download updates that we want? Or we have to download all of them?

  5. well I haven’t try any of them yet…but thanx anyways…it’s indeed a useful info…u don’t mind me giving credits to you in certain forums aight? :d

  6. Hek3. No problem dude… :d