Tag: Let Me Tell You About My Perfect Lover

I’ve been tagged by Arif [Let Me Tell You About My Perfect Lover]

Here are the rules:

  1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
  2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
  3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
  4. If you are tagged the second time. There is NO need to do this again.
  5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Ok. My perfect lover must:

  1. Pretty (Of course what… :d )
  2. Caring
  3. Honest in our relationship
  4. Understanding
  5. She don’t mind if I close with my friends (girls)
  6. Know how to cook :p
  7. Her dressing must be simple
  8. Stay cute… 🙂

Next victims:

  1. Azmie
  2. Ikoko
  3. Lisa
  4. Aman
  5. C4stello
  6. Gie
  7. Mr Eims
  8. Neezmo

Leave me a comment if you have finished this task. :p

Edit: For those who have married, I don’t mind if you don’t want to do this task.


  1. aiyak…. 😮 hm… takde tag yang topic lain ke? :”>

  2. kalau aku tiru ko punya jawapan bulat2 takleh ke? :d

  3. [Comment ID #11951 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hak3. Nope. You have to do it. You are the chosen one. /:)

    [Comment ID #11952 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tak leh. No tiru2 man… [-x

  4. ala…aku kene gak ker…kalu stakat nak jawab tu bole ler…nak mengetag orang lain yg letih tu…:-<

  5. Hu3. Ngetag je sesapa. 2 3 orang pun jadi lah… :)>-

  6. Erm.. apesal ako pnye post takjadi pingback ek..?

    cemane senarnye teknik2 ketuk balik (ping back) yang betul ako pun tak tau.. [-(

  7. [Comment ID #11971 Will Be Quoted Here]

    To use trackback, first copy “Trackback this post” link. It is directly below Submit Comment box. Then, before you publish entry that you want to post, paste the link in the Trackbacks. Then click publish. WordPress will send ping to the post that you want to trackback.

    If you have published the post, just edit the entry and paste the trackback link in the Trackbacks box. Then click Save.

    eims: kalau kau tak paham BI aku nih, wat2 paham je la. hak3.

  8. adoi..kene gak ke..? kalo takde awek kene buat gak ek…nie kalo tag epan bagus nie…

  9. Yup. You have to even you don’t have girlfriend. :p

  10. i’m married… dikecualikan dari tag nie :d