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WordPress 2.0.4 and Bug Hunt

To make sure their next version free of bugs, WordPress.Org will hold a Bug Hunt next week. This is due to Bug Independence Day on this 4th July. If you interested to join, you can join their IRC channel at #wordpress-bugs. More Info: 2.0.4 and 2.1 Bug Hunt [Wordpress.Org]

Tag: 4Meme

I’ve been tagged from 2 persons, Korokmu [I’ve Been Tagged – 4Meme] and Amanz [4meme] 4 jobs I would stink at: Security guard (I’m not tough enough :d ) Garbage Collector Cleaner Blogger 😕 4 nicknames I’m making up for myself: Fauzi Pojie Cypher CypherHackz

CypherHackz.Net rest for awhile

Actually I want to announce about this before I back to UTM but my site was down so I can’t publish this post before I leave. I am now in UTM and this post was published from CICT. I have to back to UTM cause I will going for 10 days camp in Muar, Johor. […]

New Firefox Mascot? A GIRL?

Click to view the pic Tiago said in one of his posts, Mozilla just finished the deal with a top model to promote their popular web browser product, Firefox. The model name is Alexandra Ansgar a blond Scandinavian girl. The hot chick pic as you see above. Wearing sexy Firefox shirt with her sexy style. […]

DIY Dirty Mosquito Trap

Can I put this trick in Tips & Tricks? :d Just found this on the internet. A quick DIY to trap mosquitoes by a 2 litre bootle. Only 7 materials needed to make this simple but successful mosquito trap. You can see how much mosquitoes trapped in the bottle. It is all about science. They […]

WP Plugin: Site Statistics v1.2

Plugin Name: Site Statistics Plugin URI: Description: Show your site statistics. Posts, comments, categories, last post, last commentator and last modified. Version: 1.2 Author: Fauzi Mohd Darus Author URI: Now Site Statistics v1.2 works with permalinks. No more ugly links like before. :d Watch the demo below: < ?php cypher_sitestats(); ?> Download: […]

FREE Online Signature User Bars

If you don’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop or any graphic tools, you can generate your own signature user bar for free. Do you want to put these colourful signature user bars in your signature? It can be use in forums, as your email signature or just put it on your site. Do what […]

Get FREE MP3 Downloads from Google

Google is the best place where you can get anything that you want. Just named it. What kind of files that you want to download, you can get them from Google. In this article, I will show you how to get FREE MP3 files from Google. The trick is simple. You just use Google search […]

World’s Smallest LED Projector by Sony

Just big size of a ball pen, this Sony (Light Emitting Diode) LED projector is the smallest LED Projector in the world. It only used 14 LEDs including 4 red, 4 blue and 6 green diodes. Two innovations have been made to this projector to make it smaller. …three transmissive LCDs serving as display devices and […]

31 USB devices on 1 USB MegaHub

You have many USB devices that you want to plug on to your computer. But your computer only have 4 USB ports. And all of them been used by your keyboard, mouse, usb pendrive and your printer. But you want to transfer pictures from your digital camera, you need USB port. You want to use microphone […]