Inject Adsense in Your Post

Dax has created Adsense Injection a plugin for wordpress where it will put adsense script randomly in your post. The ads will change places each page view. It is really useful to reducing ads blindness spot in your blog.

You can check the plugin in action here. Try to refresh the page a few times and you will see the ads will change place when you refresh it.

For more details, you can visit Dax site here. If you wish to download the plugin, click here.


  1. adsense injection ni untuk wordpress 2.0 je kan?

  2. Untuk wordpress version lain pun leh gak gune. Tapi nape? Awak gune version yang lama ke?

  3. version 1.5

    cuba bagi tutorial skit, macam mana nak letak adsense injection ni?

  4. I personally not use it coz dah letak dah ads besar kat dalam post tu. He3. :d

  5. saje je nak tahu :d