Chitika eMiniMalls Plugin for WordPress

If you use Chitika ads on your wordpress, you can use this plugin to place the ads in your posts. I just installed and use Chitika eMiniMalls plugin today. You can download it from HERE. It works fine. Easy to install and manage. Just put the plugin folder into wp-content/plugins and activate it in your plugin management. After activated, you can edit the settings in eMiniMall options. Go to Options and click on eMiniMall tab.

There you’ll see 10 options that you can change for your Chitika plugin.

Chitika Account Id
This account id is required for Chitika plugin. If you don’t have it, you can sign-up at Chitika website.

Use to set the width size of the ads.

Use to set the height size of the ads.

By defaults, the plugin set it to 20001 which means it is the category code for “Chitika Seasonal Specials”. If you want to change another category, you can get the numeric code from THIS LIST.

Type in products or keywords that match with your site. For an example, “Sony Playstation”. The ads display will corresponding to these keywords.

Channel Tracking
If you use channel tracking, enter the channel for the Chitika ads. Channel is useful if you put many Chitika ads at one page. So it easier to look which Chitika ads that get more clicks.

Background Color
By default is white. In this textbox, you can type in any color that you like for the ads background. And you also can set it with Hex color code. Usually people will set it same as the site background color.

Border Color
Set the border color. From what I read from other’s posts on some website, they said it is much better if you set it same as the background color which mean it will look no border.

Title Color
Set the title color for the ads. I suggest that you put the same color as your site link color.

Text Color
As the name applies, use to set the text color. I also recommended you to put the same color as the site text color.

After you have set all the default settings for the plugin, you now can put the Chitika ads in your post. In your Write Post area, there will be a eMiniMall text or Chitika icon (if you use Rich Text Editor). Just click the icon to place the ads in your post.

Sometimes you want to change the ads code without changing the default settings (which you set it in the Options). To do this, after you click “eMiniMall”, the code “[eminimall]” will be inserted in your textarea. If you want to change the products into something else like “SDRM Memory” and “Power Supply”, change the line to this:

[eminimall products = “SDRM Memory, Power Supply”]

If you want to change the background and border color (eg: black), you can change the code with this:

[eminimall background = “black” border = “black”]

The complete list of the options:

products=”list of products seperated by commas”]

This is my first review for this plugin. If you have any comments or tips or want to add something, you can leave it in the comments below. Thanks!