Promotion! 1Gb space for only RM80 (USD21)

For those who want to buy hosting, I suggest you check out the link below. They offer 1Gb space for only RM80 (USD21) yearly with 20Gb bandwidth. It is worth to buy because all the things that you need come with one package.

  • 1 GB of webspace

  • 20 GB of monthly bandwidth

  • Cpanel RVSKIN with Multi-Languages (LINUX Platform Only)

  • PLESK 7.5 For Windows (Windows Platform Only)

  • Support Up to 15 Add-On Domain (Linux Platform Only)

  • Unlimited Subdomain

  • Unlimited Email Aliases

  • Unlimited MYSQL Databases

  • Unlimited MSSQL Databases (Windows Platform Only)

  • Unlimited MS Access Databases  (Windows Platform Only)

  • All our features, and

  • All our guarantees

Hurry! Because they have only limited accounts for signup.





  1. hi.. lama tak datang sini.. tka tahu la benda2 macam ni… kalau murah tu mesti ade la sebab dia.. samada slow.. atau kurang quality +support… anyway..thanks sebab bagitahu..

  2. Setakat ni semuanye ok la. Takde apa2 problem pun. Dorangnye support pun pantas je. Kalau tanya sikit, sekejap je dorang akan reply email korang.

  3. x phm tul bab2 hosting ni.. huhu

  4. sampai bila ni… nak gak la..

    tp tak dlm masa terdekat ni…

    harap2 benda ni lama sket promo dia…

  5. [Comment ID #2424 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hu3. Ngan hosting la kite leh manage site kite secara keseluruhannye. Segalanye kite yang uruskan.

    [Comment ID #2426 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Tak sure sampai bile. Harap2 macam tu la. Leh la Lisa ada domain and hosting sendiri.

  6. Hurry! Because they have only limited accounts for signup.

    Aku rase dah lame promosi ni. Dah dua bulan lepas tak silap. Tak habis2 lagi ke? :d

  7. Aku saja je trick tu. Kasi support hosting provider sendiri. Hik3.

  8. cube check kat

    mahal tak?

  9. Dah tengok dah site tu dulu. Memang murah. Beli la if awak nak tukar hosting.

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