Virus Test

Have you try this test yet? If you don’t, try it. You’ll know what type of virus if you are one of them. He3. :d

Link: Virus Test

Know virus type

Boot Sector virus Small sleek and potentially devastating, rarely seen these days and rather retro.
Good Times virus You are the Good Times virus, widely talked about devastating powers and non-existant.
Macro Virus The macro virus, bane of M$ users and sysadmins. Incedibly virulent due to poor coding.
Trojan Love the new image, you’ve come along way since wooden horses, but as popular as ever.
Worm Almost as popular as the Macro virus, you really like to get out and infect the world.
Polymorphic virus Your destructive powers vary widely as you constantly change trying to hide from everything.


  1. ni virus ape… cam quizzie ke 8-|

  2. huh byk nyer virus test

  3. Tak la. Just click je kat link “Virus Test” tu and take the quiz. He3.