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Where are my Ubuntu CDs?

I have make an order on Dec 2005. But till now I still didn’t receive the free Ubuntu CD. Did they forgot about my order? Or maybe my order was in the dust-bin. I really hope that I will receive them before I back to Uni. 🙁 Btw I think I will gonna make another […]

Fight WordPress Comment Spam

Have you ever encounter spam in your comments? I was. Before I use these plugins (read below), about 500+ spams in my comments and I need to delete all of them each time I logging into my account. The problem getting worst when there were about 1000+ spams I need to delete. But you know, […]

Inject Adsense in Your Post

Dax has created Adsense Injection a plugin for wordpress where it will put adsense script randomly in your post. The ads will change places each page view. It is really useful to reducing ads blindness spot in your blog. You can check the plugin in action here. Try to refresh the page a few times […]

WP Plugin: Previous Posts v1.1

Plugin Name: Previous Posts Plugin URI: Description: Returns a list of your previous posts. You can set how many posts to be displayed. Version: 1.1 Author: Fauzi Mohd Darus Author URI: This is the latest update from the previous version. It just a minor changes only where this plugin now can display links […]

Remote Exploit in Symantec Antivirus

According to research conduct by eEye, a vulnerability remote exploit has been found in Symantec Antivirus product. The flaw does not require any user interaction for exploitation and can compromise the systems. With this exploit, the affected system allow for the execution of malicious code with SYSTEM level access. Symantec software that affected with this […]

Weekly Highlights (Week 21, 2006)

My posts from 22nd May till 28th May 2006. 🙂 22 May 2006 – Change Text on WinXP Start Button 23 May 2006 – New Site Banner – Abang? Sayang? Kereta? 24 May 2006 – Site Modifications – I�ve Been Tagged – Google PageRank Prediction 25 May 2006 – Custom Made USB Flash Drive – […]

Disable Send Error Report in WinXP

Windows will tries to send error report to Microsoft every time a porgram crashed. To disable this, follow these simple steps: 1. Right click My Computer and choose Properties 2. Click on Advanced tab 3. Click on Error Reporting 4. Check Disable error reporting 5. Ok Hope this helps! Cypher says: This error report is […]

Poll of the Week: What do you want?

For this week poll, I would like to ask what do you want more from this site? I have put four answers for you to vote. If you like, you can add new answer to it. At the end of this week, I will check the results and I will start a new and first […]

The Chitika eMiniMalls Tool

This TOOL will show you what products that will be shown if you put certain keywords. For an example, if you put “ATI Radeon”, Chitika eMiniMalls will show up “ATI RADEON X1900 XTX” product.

Chitika eMiniMalls Plugin for WordPress

If you use Chitika ads on your wordpress, you can use this plugin to place the ads in your posts. I just installed and use Chitika eMiniMalls plugin today. You can download it from HERE. It works fine. Easy to install and manage. Just put the plugin folder into wp-content/plugins and activate it in your […]