WordPress 2.0.2 & cPanel X

Hurray! At last, I have updated my WP to WP2.

The admin interface is really nice and clean. Much more better than the old one. And it also has tinyMCE. It is really useful. Thanks and congrats to the developer.

Btw my hosting have updated my cpanel to cpanel X. Everything looks new. Cool!


  1. CPanel -> CPanel X? it’s just a theme i thought. The coolest one 😀

  2. Before this my hosting use other theme and now they have installed new theme which is cPanel X. :p

  3. never mention to others when u upgradding to the newer version of wp..:)>-

  4. oi ang guna hosting mana ??

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    Owh… Ok. He3.

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    Gune http://www.internet-webhosting.com :d