Meaningful Testimonial

Takde pe2 nak tulis. Saje je posting bende nih. Aku dapat testimonial ni dari sorang kawan baik aku. He3. Thanks Waneey! Meaningful le sangat… :p

Here is a meaningful testimonial..dis is
a meaningful testimonial as da
testimonial is meaningful..not like those
meaningless testimonials such as those
wif spaces n blanks n nothing of it
makes meaning..however, lucky u..i’m
gonna write for u a meaningful
testimonial n not like those meaningless
testimonials filled with spaces n has no
meaning to it at all..u wanna know why
this testimonial is meaningful? Because
it is not an empty testimonial wif
spaces n only spaces wif ur
name on it along with the date which
states the time they actually wasted to
press the spacebar in order to waste
ur time by checking it n accepting it
just for the sake of more testimonials..n
to refresh ur memory on what a
meaningful testimonial is, it is a
testimonial with meaning in it n not
just spaces n only, there u
go, ur meaningful testimonial n i hope u
enjoy it very much!!!

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