Movie: Venom

Today, my friends (Pijan, Waheda & Huda) and I went to City Square (CS) to hang out and watch movie. At first we not yet decided which movie that we want to watch but after we arrived, we all agree to watch Venom. This movie is enteresting and full of suspenses. But the movie start quite slow but after the tragedy happen, I getting cold because of the air-cond actually. He3. But the movie is worth to watch. Blood split everywhere…

The Story
Venom is an extremely distorted horror tale of a group of teenagers so large and similar, that only after each is inexplicably slain do you breathe a sigh of relief. Set in the swamps of a New Orleans town– yes, unfortunate timing–which oozes voodoo folklore, the story starts with local outcast Ray (Rick Cramer) mysteriously dying–sort of. A venom has been passed to him just before he died, allowing him to be resurrected. Now as an evil undead incarnation, whose gait and physique remind you of Vincent D’Onofrio’s bug imitation in Men in Black, Ray has a fever to kill, and the only remedy is…more cowbell. Just kidding. It’s the souls of the town’s scantily clad teenage girls and the washboard-abs totin’ teenage guys, of course. Their only defense against Ray is to make a voodoo doll. Problem is, voodoo-doll rules mandate that either the blood or the hair of the person must be possessed–and that’s a little difficult since Ray keeps killing them before they can get it. You just can’t make this stuff up!



  1. that movie sounds great!

  2. Yup! :d

  3. issit realy great?

    nak download ni…

    since lately i’m crazy downloading anything i want.. feel like wasting bandwith if not downloading somwthing.. huhahuha~ :d

    I downloaded a lot of movies since past few weeks. next target :- VENOM :d

  4. Download je… :d