Custom Error Page

Today I created images for my custom error page. I have created all of the images. Want to see them? Here there are:

400 – Bad Request

401 – Authorization Required

403 – Forbidden

404 – Not Found

500 – Internal Server Error

And I also created image for my site if my site under maintenance.

Site Under Maintenance

PS: You only can create your own error pages if you have your own hosting. So, get it now! Lol… :d


  1. hhuh…camne nk test error nih..teringin laa jugaks..hurm…

  2. Yang leh tunjuk time 404 je r. Yang lain tu nasib je. Hik3.

    Nak tengok contoh error 404 type je pe2 url yang tak wujud. Contoh: Klik Sini