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Balik UTM & Happy New Year

Aku balik UTM hari ni. Isk3. :(( Awal pagi aku akan bertolak. Dalam pukul 9 or 10 pagi camtu. Gi naik kete coz nak bawak balik CPU aku ni hah. Kalau naik bas confirm tak muat. Dulu pun masa aku nak bawak balik umah, nasib baik ade seat kosong kat sebelah aku tu. Kalau tak, […]

WP Plugin: Previous Posts v1.0

Note: Latest version can be found here: WP Plugin: Previous Posts v1.1 Plugin Name: Previous Posts Plugin URI: Description: Returns a list of your previous posts. You can set how many posts to be displayed. Version: 1.0 Author: Fauzi Mohd Darus Author URI: Yet another plugin from me. It will display your previous […]

Talking Lips

Wanna see a talking lips when you plug it onto your computer, TV or radio? Lol… This is just a speaker. With this speaker, you can see the mouth will open and shut like it’s talking to you. Usefull for lonely person. Nah… Usefull for those who like weird things. 😀 Link: Sensual lips for […]


The World of Mass Destruction (WMD) PC case. With this case you can destroy the world. Lol… I’m just kidding. Actually this is the one of the weirdest PC case mod. There are many more weirdest case mod been listed. Wanna see the top 10 weirdest PC case mods? Check out this link: The Top […]

Imation 3 Cute Animals

To celebrate year 2006, Imation has created 3 cute little animal USB’s. Hipopotamus, aligator and dog. Their mouth holds the USB drive and they can store 128Mb space in their “stomach”. Cool eh? And they use Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface and cost about $30 (RM84). Link: Imation’s Plush Animal USB Drives [Everything USB]

Friendster Personal Url

Now you can personalize your own Friendster personal url. No more user ID ending. Just your name. Example my Friendster personal url: Get it now or someone else will take your name before you do. Click here to personalize yours: Don’t have Friendster account yet? Sign up HERE. It’s free.

UTM Exam Result Released

UTM exam result released today. Alhamdulillah, aku dapat apa yang aku targetkan. Dulu result aku tak la baik mana. Tapi kali ni Alhamdulillah, aku dapat result yang aku target. Aku dapat above *.**. Hak3. Mana leh bagitau. Kantoi r nanti. Keh3. Tapi aku harap semester baru nanti, aku dapat result yang lebih baik lagi dari […]

Shoutbox Added

Early in the morning I edited my shoutbox css file to fit with my new theme. It doesn’t take too long. Just edit some code and it’s done. Btw I got a reply from Yahoo regarding

New Domain, New Hosting with New Theme

Theme Name: fBlue Theme URI: Description: Liquid theme with max width, easy to customize. Version: 1.0 Author: Fredrik Fahlstad Author URI: Just installed new theme today. For my new domain and hosting. Urgh…I edited the template till 3.30 am. Feel so sleepy. My eyes almost can’t open right now. I don’t know why […]

E-mails Sent into Bulk Folder

Today, I tested sending my admin email account from to my own email at Yahoo and Gmail. But the emails that I sent to Yahoo were sent into Bulk folder and emails that I sent to Gmail were succesfully placed into my inbox. I asked my hosting provider why this things happen. They said […]