Top 10 Reasons to use Notepad

It’s free. If you have Windows, you have Notepad.

Simple user interface. Whereas more complex page-making programs can take months to learn, with Notepad you can start coding right away.

Compatible with all markup languages. Including those currently in use, as well as all future languages not yet devised.

Complete control over your coding. You can design pages exactly the way you want, without having any 3rd party coding “standards” or limitations arbitrarily imposed on you.

Easy Progress
View your progress as you go. Simply load the local page into your favorite browser. As you work in Notepad, save the file, switch over to the browser window, and click “reload” to see the latest changes.

Speed. Notepad comes up in a blink of an eye, there are no slow loading, time consuming dialog boxes, wizards, or plug-ins. You can literally code as fast as you can type (faster, if you use a lot of cut & paste).

Versatility. Notepad is compatible with all versions of Windows, has no special system requirements, and places virtually no extra load on system resources.

Supports multiple windows. You can edit any number of pages simultaneously in separate Notepad windows.

More efficient coding than any WYSIWYG editor could ever offer. Coding done with Notepad is often tidier than any generated by computer, loads faster in a browser, and is generally more cross-browser compatible. If you don’t want lots of tags defining every possible detail of an image you just inserted, then you don’t have to enter them!

Pride. Building a web site entirely yourself, using only your knowledge of HTML (or whatever markup language) and your two bare hands, while resisting the temptation to “cheat” using a page-maker, is an accomplishment you can feel proud of.

Source: Made With Notepad Campaign


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